Castellare – Rosso di Montalcino D.O.C

Production Area:   Montalcino
Mixed Grapes: 100% Sangiovese Grosso
Terrain: the soil formed through several geological eras and now has got a wide variety of minerals; there are areas rich in limestone mixed up with sand made by schist of limestone and clay. mostly clayey areas and less sandy. areas formed thanks to sediment tran- sport (alluvium)
Growing system: Spurred cordon with dug soil
Density: 3500 vines/hectare
Vines/hectAre: 45hectolitres
Altitude: 500 metres
Microclimate: The climate is typically mediterranean, with showers concentrated in autumn and spring. The middle hill area is frequently windy, which is ide- al to keep the vines healthy. The climate is generally mild, with a high rate of sunny days during the whole vegetative phase: these conditions guarantee a gra- dual and complete ripening of the grapes
Production Process: manual harvest when the grapes are perfectly ripe. alcoholic fermentation with controlled temperature (26°C) for about 7-8 days on the skins. malolactic fermentation in steel vats. Refi- ning in 3000lt oak barrels for 8-10 months
Organoleptic properties: Colour – ruby red; Bou- quet – delicate, with scent of violet; Taste – raspberry jam and cherry fruit
Alcoholic Gradation:  13,0% VOL
serving temperature: 20°C
Pairings:  Salami, rich and savoury first courses, roasted red meat, Tuscan ham