Poggio Il Castellare


Here, wine is truly the story of a family and passion that knows no bounds. The Baroncini family, producers since 1489, arrived in Montalcino in 1998, where Bruna Baroncini fulfilled her dream of producing Brunello, “the king of reds”. She from San Gimignano, after having crossed the Etruscan lands of Tuscany where she owns other vineyards, she arrives in Montalcino making the journey of Sangiovese. “My life goes hand in hand with my journey of Sangiovese in Tuscany, a vine that always amazes me for the diversity of expression depending on the Tuscan land where it grows”.

“While I was about to explore the “wine continent” of Montalcino, I came across some beautiful hills which, due to their sweetness, seemed to have been created to host vineyards, in fact my imagination led me to see you planted a picturesque circular vineyard. As they say in the Montalcinese dialect, “a girapoggio”.



Bruna Baroncini with intelligence, work and targeted choices, builds something beautiful and important and finds important “allies” in her path, the best there can be: the family. “For some years the whole family has been following me on this journey of mine: my mother, ninety years old, who never stops giving pearls of experience and wisdom; my partner, precious for his experience of corporate and organizational life; my nephew Samuele who for some years has been working with me in the company. He too, with great passion, proves that he has already taken up the family mania: working as winemakers in Tuscany and especially in Montalcino, where we have put down strong roots for our future”.

“Our philosophy is to transmit the values of tradition and to protect native vineyards and traditional vinifications. With passion and dedication we make our journey enhancing the excellence of the territory.



The company philosophy aims to protect tradition and will focus on organic as well as on the enhancement of all the excellence of Montalcino that are born in an extraordinary area such as that of the Val d’Orcia, a Unesco world heritage site. The goal is to safeguard the uniqueness of Brunello by trying to enhance the fruit and aromas, refining the wine only partially in the barriques, preferring instead larger barrels to maintain the typicality and spiciness of the “Sangiovese grosso”.


Poggio Il Castellare has a total of forty hectares of land, of which seven are dedicated to organic vineyards, two to truffle fields, three hectares of wood, rich in medicinal herbs, and the remainder to arable land. At Poggio Il Castellare the protection of biodiversity, an extraordinary and unique wealth of Montalcino, is at home. The estate offers an important glance: on the top of the hill there is in fact an ancient village surrounded all around by a halo of vineyards, “a girapoggio”, as they say in Montalcino.
The vineyards embrace the group of farmhouses that include the cellars, the residences and the reception areas for visitors.

In our estate, you will enjoy drinking a good glass of wine while watching the hill of Montalcino, maybe at sunset.